Ceramics is matter

Formulas skilfully human-assembled to create three-dimensional shapes. Ceramics cover any space of our home, generate emotions. Smalticeram perfectly interprets these concepts as a synergy between human, matter and technology.


Imagination, precious materials and cutting-edge technologies

Just from this our creative research sprang, a perfect mix of imagination, precious materials and cutting-edge technologies. Attention to detail becomes essential, an accurate selection of elements and a precise evaluation of machinery potential rounds out the winning mix. Always with a precise objective: creating collections capable of generating emotions and satisfying the aesthetic sense of those who live them while maintaining a high technological content.


At the base of a perfect result there is a matter capable of moulding to meet the requirements of a market which is in a constant state of flux. Thanks to an ongoing research, Smalticeram daily updates its product range through an operating system suitable for all types of production: from traditional double firing to the modern porcelain stoneware. Vitreous complexes (glass frits) with different fusibility, preparation bases and coating glazes, colouring oxides for all needs, special grits for dry and wet applications, atomised glazes for technical stoneware, colour inks and special inks for the latest generation inkjet printers.


An important added value and distinguishing element of Smalticeram is represented by the capability of conceiving and presenting ideas through prototypes that are true realistic previews of what will be the final result. Assemblies are tested in laboratory by means of modern machinery and then tested and reproduced at the customers’ production facilities thus guaranteeing the same result. Smalticeram technicians work in synergy with their partners, from conception of the idea to the industrial realization.


When matter meets invention, a special alchemy arises. Smalticeram technicians are able to identify the most effective production processes and combinations through a daily comparison with the customer. An ongoing research within the laboratories and synergies with the primary machinery manufacturers generate expertise and progress. Sharing experiences with customers generates growth.