Special ceramic grits for all application technologies.
Ceramic grits of the highest quality, available in different colors and grit sizes.

Within grit range of our ceramic color manufacturer, different types of products can be distinguished: anti-reflective, transparent, matt or polished. Smalticeram range of ceramic grits has been created to enrich each product with technical and material effects. Thanks to their versatility, it is possible to obtain different surfaces while guaranteeing excellent performance.
GF-GS ceramic decorating grits allow you to create a wide variety of natural surfaces. They are made for dry application on ceramics or fixed with special digital glues on glazed surfaces in order to obtain special colourings and valuable aesthetic enrichments.

GF grits are technical grits and micro grits with high chemical and physical resistance. GS grits are spherical micro grits with high chemical resistance and maximum surface strength performance; very high flow.
GF-GS ceramic grits contribute to making ceramic decoration unique and difficult to reproduce on an industrial scale. Smalticeram’s range of ceramic grits has been developed with the aim of meeting the most ambitious expectations and the different types can be customized according to specific customer requirements.

To achieve a contemporary design and aesthetic enrichment of great value, Smalticeram grits represent the application solution for ceramic surfaces ideal for a high color rendering and unique material decorations ensuring all the technical properties required by the market.

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