HD-HDG and Xgo
Ready-to-use micronised mixtures for dispersion in water.

Smalticeram presents HD-HDG system. A totally new concept of material preparation for protective applications with airless booths. Technical and aesthetic level of our ceramic colour collections is raised even further to meet the needs of an increasingly refined market. Micronised mixtures, ready to use and to be dispersed in water directly in glazing range. Individually or with ceramic grit additives to further increase operational possibilities. Smalticeram’s ceramic colour factory has a complete system of glazes specifically designed for digital colorimetry.

HD – HDG is a system specifically designed in combination with SJ inks for unprecedented colour rendition. SJ special effects in combination with HD – HDG develop unique, high-quality material effects in full accordance with normative standards.

Creating slip-resistant yet extremely soft surfaces and coverings is possible with Xgo: a new way of thinking about ceramic tiles. Developed to achieve technical ceramic surfaces that comply with the strictest slip resistance regulations while maintaining softness touch.

Xgo is an original and innovative solution consisting of ready-to-use micronised mixtures that can be dissolved in water and applied with both the more traditional ceramic glazing lines and new airless technologies. The unprecedented speed of preparation offers a dual advantage: it allows immediate use of the product and high customisation possibilities.
Xgo is also designed to guarantee maximum compatibility with popular SJ Smaltink series, for unprecedented color rendering.

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