Colors and materials for digital applications on ceramic substrates.

Smalticeram introduces the latest generation of environmentally friendly digital inks, the SJ 9000 series, consisting of digital application materials that guarantee low emissions.

Environmental awareness has led Reggio Emilia-based ceramics manufacturer to create new environmentally friendly materials. Thus was born the new SJ 9000 series of digital applications material: technologically advanced products that significantly reduce emissions released into the environment as a result of the manufacturing processes. Smaltink’s range of digital inks covers all the colour requirements necessary for digital printing on industrial ceramics, providing an optimal solution to improve technical and aesthetic level of realizations.

SJ 9000 is a complete series, composed of all products necessary for the creation of modern ceramic collections: volume-effect structuring inks, adhesives for technical grits, special effects, a range of inks with unlimited colors.

With SJ 9000 it is possible to create ever more realistic ceramic surfaces with elegant, high-quality finishes, using products with a low environmental impact. A completely new concept of tile design, a digital combination of colour and material, a starting point towards new standards, an incentive to create ever more refined collections.

SJ 9000 series of digital inks is compatible with Innovation 3D: Smalticeram revolution that enables creation of surfaces with an extraordinary three-dimensional effect. All materials that make up the SJ 9000 series are compatible with the modern digital printing equipment in use.